Here is a great workout to help you build bigger arms. Don’t forget if you don’t give your muscles the building blocks they need (ie protein and clean food) you can lift all day and never see anything bigger than water pistols on your arms! Many people fail to realize that they already train their arms multiple times per week, without ever doing any direct arm work. Every time we do a pressing movement, we use our triceps.

Every time we pull, we use our biceps and forearms. Because our biceps and triceps get a lot of work during compound movements, it’s important to limit the number of sets during isolation work. With dedicated arm training, keep the sets low and the intensity high.

Her are some of the amazing arm workouts that we like.

Close grip bench press – Arm Workout

Close grip bench press is to be considered part of the compound exercises because it’s just like a classic chest bench press with a closer grip that emphasize the work on the triceps instead of chest muscles.

The closer the grip the more you focus on triceps, the wider the grip the more you focus on chest.

Of course the work on your triceps is somehow helped by your chest muscles that take a big part in the push.

If your workout program is not too long I would recommend an isolation tricep exercise after the close grip bench press, even though this by itself already covers what you need.

Close grip bench press proper form video

Over Head Triceps Extension – Arm Workout

The Overhead Tricep Extension exercise works the Triceps Brachii muscle and is a more advanced version of the tricep extension exercise.

Keep your shoulders relaxed away from the ears at all times. Engage your abs and keep your back straight; try not to allow your lower back to arch. Think about stabilizing your upper arms (as if squeezing them to your ears) so that they don’t move to better isolate the triceps.

Over Head Triceps Extension proper form video

Standing Barbell bicep Curl – Arm Workout

The most simple (and likely most common) exercise for the biceps is the basic barbell curl. It can be performed using a typical straight bar or an EZ curl bar. The only real difference between the two is that the EZ curl bar is usually a lot more comfortable and a lot less stressful on the wrists than the straight bar is.

Standing Barbell bicep Curl Proper Form Video

Incline Dumbbell Curl – Arm Workout

Incline dumbbell curls activate both heads of the biceps brachii muscle; however, the long head of the biceps gets the greatest benefit from this exercise. The long head begins on the supraglenoid tubercle of the scapula (a bump over the glenoid fossa of the scapula), and it crosses the shoulder joint. It has a very long tendon, and but a shorter muscle belly than the short head of the biceps brachii.

Triceps Rope Push Down – Arm Workout

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